Antiseptic Mouthwash – Unusual Uses

Antiseptic mouthwash is designed to kill germs in your mouth and keep your mouth clean. It’s those very properties that make mouthwash a perfect cleaner and disinfectant for other surfaces in your home too. So grab a bottle of Listerine and try these eight ideas for yourself!

Disinfect your toothbrush.
Wash your toothbrush with some antiseptic mouthwash every couple of days to ensure there is no lingering bacteria that could make you sick!

Clean the toilet.
All you need is half a cup of mouthwash. Just pour it in the toilet, swish it around with a toilet brush and flush! It’ll kill the germs and shine the bowl in one fell swoop.

Clean grout and inhibit mold growth.
Dip an old toothbrush dipped in mouthwash to clean grout. It’s also strong enough to cut easily through hard water stains and build-up. Just make sure you label that toothbrush for cleaning only!

Shine mirrors and handles.
Use a little on a lint free cloth to shine up mirrors and disinfect medicine cabinet handles, doorknobs, faucets and flush levers.

Clean television and computer screens.
A little alcohol based antiseptic mouthwash will clean dirt, grease and fingerprints off of those surfaces in short order.

Remove bacteria from laundry.
Add a cup of mouthwash to each load of laundry along with your detergent to kill those unwanted germs.

Banish a blemish.
Use a cotton swab to dab some mouthwash on the area, it’ll kill the bacteria and clear up the blemish.

Disinfect a cut or scrape.
In the absence of antiseptic wipes or creams, mouthwash will clean and disinfect injuries in one step!

Tip: All of these tactics should only be attempted with a sugar-free, alcohol-based antiseptic mouthwash. At a few bucks a bottle, you can’t go wrong!

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