Cigarette Smoking Effects on Teeth

Smoking is known to cause lung disease and cancer, and is one of the leading causes of death in the world. One of the more obvious side effects of smoking is the damage that it causes to your looks–more specifically, your teeth.

Because smoking lowers the body’s immune system, it lessens the body’s ability to fight infections, including infections in the mouth. This means smoking hastens gum disease and gingivitis.
Cigarettes contain tars, which leave sticky deposits on teeth, and which in turn cause unattractive yellow and brown stains on the teeth.
Smokers develop more plaque than non-smokers because smoking increases the bacteria that form plaque and inflamed gums.
Tooth Loss
The inflamed gums and excess plaque caused by smoking can lead to tooth loss.
Dry Socket
Smokers experience slow healing after dental surgery and tooth removal, which leads to a condition called dry socket. This condition is painful and requires medical attention.

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